Our proprietary immunotherapy, ValloVax aims to Starve the Tumor by training your immune system to target the tumor associated blood vessels.

About Us

Batu Biologics is an immune oncology Company based out of San Diego, California. We were founded in December of 2013 to investigate the parallels between placental and tumor angiogenesis with the goal of discovering an effective natural treatment for cancer. Currently, Batu Biologics is focused on developing the “ValloVax™” platform, an allogeneic and universal donor cellular vaccine designed to stimulate a targeted immune response against several tumor angiogenesis antigens for the treatment of a wide array of cancers.


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Where the research stands today

Batu Biologics has received FDA clearance of its Investigational New Drug Application for ValloVax allowing the Company to proceed with a Phase I study to assess the safety and immunogenicity in patients with metastatic Non Small Cell Lung Cancer. The Company has preclinical and clinical proof of concept and is currently raising funds to deploy the Phase I study at the John Wayne Cancer Institute before the end of this year. To find out how you can help, please subscribe to our newsletter below.

Our Philosophy

At Batu Biologics we believe the most powerful tools to fight disease lie within your body, the key is to unleash them. We can envision a future where cancer patients do not have to choose between life saving medication and forgoing treatment to maintain their quality of life. There is a need for less toxic and more effective therapeutic options that train the body’s immune system to recognize and fight cancer.


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