Batu Biologics Completes Seed Round Financing

Batu Biologics Continues Fight in War Against Lung Cancer

Closure of $1 million seed round to support development of anti-angiogenic immune therapy, ValloVax™

Batu Biologics, an immuno-oncology company, has successfully completed its $1 million seed round of funding, bringing the company one step closer in its efforts to battle lung cancer, the leading cancer killer in the United States. Batu leveraged primarily private and angel funding to attain this fundraising goal.

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SD Union Tribune announces Batu’s $1M seed funding

Batu Biologics has raised $1 million to develop its lung cancer immune therapy, the two-year-old San Diego company said Wednesday.

The therapy, ValloVax, is intended to stimulate an immune response against new blood vessels in the lung that tumors use to grow. In preclinical testing, ValloVax inhibited angiogenesis in melanoma, breast and lung cancer mouse models.

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ValloVax Efficacy Augmented by Checkpoint Inhibitors

Batu Biologics Reports Combination Therapy Boosts Results in Tumor Blood Vessel-Killing Strategy

Company Files Patent on Second Generation Cancer Therapy

Batu Biologics, an immuno-oncology company dedicated to the commercialization of its first-in-class tumor blood vessel targeting vaccine, ValloVax, reported today filing of a patent application covering a unique combination therapy of its vaccine together with two classes of “checkpoint inhibitors.”

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