“Poet Florica Baţu-Ichim was born on April 13, 1945 in Bucharest, the seventh child of a family of Romanians. She married in 1974 with priest and poet Dumitru Ichim and together they settled in Canada where they had 6 children.

She was widely known for her poetry in Romanian and English, authored 10 books, and had a permanent column in Solia—The Herald, the official publication of the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America.

When Dr. Thomas Ichim was 12 years old, his mother was diagnosed with late stage leukemia. The night after hearing about his mother’s diagnosis, Tom had a dream that his mother died and decided to dedicate his life to cancer. When he was 19 years old, alongside his sister, Christine Ichim, he founded the Batu Center For Leukemia Research in an effort to develop new treatments for their mother. Research initiated by the Batu Center for Leukemia research was initially funded by the Ichim’s Canadian Cure Campaign, where Christine rollerbladed across Canada to raise awareness for leukemia research.

Florica Batu Ichim passed away in September of 2010 after a 23 year long battle with Leukemia. The book available below is the english translated version of a manuscript she wrote titled “At the Gates of Despair: The Beginnings of Hope”. This compilation of poetry was dedicated to cancer patients and those whose lives are affected by this deadly disease. 

Her name lives on in the mission of Batu Biologics, and we hope that this book will provide a shining ray of hope to cancer patients in need of additional support.”