Batu Biologics Authors Peer-Reviewed Publication

Batu Biologics Authors Peer-Reviewed Publication on Intravenous Vitamin C as Adjuvant to Cancer Immunotherapy
Integration of Holistic Approach to Cancer with Cutting Edge Immunotherapy

Although Batu Biologics is highly focused on the clinical development of ValloVax, a cancer vaccine targeting tumor endothelium, from a corporate perspective we want to ensure that we have the highest possible chance of inducing the most benefit in patients we are treating.

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Batu Biologics Files Patent

Batu Biologics Files Patent Covering New Use of Approved Drug for Decreasing Cancer Immunotherapy Toxicity
Company Aims to Provide Platform Allowing for Overcoming Rate Limiting Toxicity of Immunotherapy

Several years ago, the promise of immunotherapy was just a dream. Today, with the FDA approval of Provenge, the market entry of immunological checkpoint inhibitors, and the highly encouraging results of the CAR-T cell trials, immunotherapy of cancer is undergoing a renaissance.

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