Tumor microenvironment induces the expression of neo-antigens on the tumor endothelium, which are optimal therapeutic targets

The vascular structure of endothelium in the body collectively comprises a very dynamic organ that regulates the passage of nutrients, oxygen, and the trafficking of leukocytes. The tumor vasculature is identified by several irregular characteristics: they are leaky, fragile with many holes and tears, and have chaotic blood flow. These structural differences in the tumor endothelial cells reflect a fundamental change in endothelial cell phenotype when in the presence of tumor secreted factors such as: VEGF, TGF-B, IL-4, IL-10, FGF, and many other cytokines/growth factors. This change in phenotype can be characterized by the upregulated expression of several related angiogenesis markers that have relatively low expression on healthy endothelium in vivo.

Based on the specificity of these antigens to the tumor endothelium, and the success of several ongoing clinical trials against these antigens, Batu Biologics has identified the tumor endothelium as an optimal target for the treatment of cancer. Batu Biologics hopes to utilize it’s tumor endothelium targeting vaccine, ValloVax, to stimulate a potent immune response against these easily accessible targets, thereby cutting off the blood supply for late stage malignant solid tumors.